Perception Is More Important Than You Think

There was a point in my musical career where I didn't understand the importance of how listeners perceived me or my music.  But over the years I have learned how powerful perception can be in growing your success as an artist.

What is perception?  a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.  What do your fans or potential fans think of when they think of or see you?  Do they think, success, failure, average Joe, rock god, quality?   Are you portraying an image of success?  If you are serous about a career in music but aren't creating a professional perception of yourself, you need to start today!

All to often I have been at shows where the singer of a band will talk about how he forgot a line or will apologize to the audience about some other aspect of the performance.  I have even heard singers talk about how nobody cares about their music in a semi joking manner.  That singer has just created a negative perception of his or herself and their band.  I think this is one of the worst things an artist can do, especially in a live performance situation; If you dont take yourself seriously than I promise you nobody else will either.  There are some really simple things you can start implementing today to start creating a positive perception of you and your band.  Here are a few:

  1. Post Quality Content On Social Media.  What does this mean?  It means don't post poor quality images or videos where things are blurry or poorly composed.  Good composition gives an impression of professionalism and quality.  Yes you should post often but always go for quality over quantity.  Here are some great photography tips that will help you be more conscious about how you take/edit pictures. 10-top-photography-composition-rules 
  2. Show You Are Musically Active.  Keeping in mind what I said in the previous tip, always be ready to document your musical endeavors.  Fans are interested in what you are doing so don't hold back.
  3. Start a Conversion Make regular posts to build up your fan engagement.  Post about things that you can have a conversation about.  Maybe you know about audio engineering, maybe you have know about tone woods, maybe you wanna get deep and philosophical; Whatever it is, start a conversation with your fans and create a rapport with as many prospects as you can.  You are nothing without your fans and you should care about engaging with them.

If you can think of some other helpful tips relating to this topic, please comment below; I would love the input!

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