1. Vitality

From the recording Path to Transcendence

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Vocals - Michael Centrone
Guitars - Pat Reilly
Bass - Pat Reilly
Drums - Tadpole Jones
Song Writing, Production, Mixing, Mastering - Pat Reilly


VITALITY ( Michael Centrone )

another day wasted away
on self-induced limitations
droning on
in a state of hopelessness, succumbing to fears and doubts
frustration just won't let go; discomfort in the comfort zone

when...will things change?

cynical pitfalls reappear
they're obstacles to bypass, products of spiritlessness
time is way too precious now to be taken for granted

answer...from within

why do you deny yourself (why do you deny?)
of who you want to be? (who are you?)
from this question, you'll find the keys
to unlock your vitality

you are, above all else, you are potential

energy - above all else