Day 7 
I have been nominated by Dino Alden to post 10 albums in 10 days that really made an impact on me. 
Ahh it's after midnight and I missed yesterday so here I come with 2 albums again! 

Album 1, Pink Floyd's The Wall 
Album 2, Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction 

Growing up in a family that loves rock and roll, I was introduced to Pink Floyd before I could even understand what I was hearing. I remember hearing The Wall when I was very young and loving it so much. Such a powerful album in so many ways; it surely impacted me greatly. 
Megadeth was a band that I didn't really discover until way after I was obsessed with Metallica. I had heard Megadeth before, but it never really caught me ear until I started playing guitar. Before that, I honestly thought Kirk Hammett was the greatest guitar player on earth lol. Once I heard the solo for Symphony of Destruction, I was wondering where the hell Megadeth had been all my life! Since that day, Marty Friedman has been one of my top 3 influences as a guitar player.

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