For My Birthday

For my birthday I would like you to

Hug your cat, pet your dog, kiss your significant other, remember something you love to do and do it until you ask yourself why you ever stopped doing it. Try to empathize with a stranger you may not see eye to eye with. 

We are all of one kind before we are anything else. "We are human". Black, White, Asian, catholic, Jewish, police officer, lawyer, musician, waiter, American, Mexican, Russian, etc. all that is secondary. 

There is so much wrong with our human way of life, and so much of it boils down to the way we segregate ourselves based on our jobs, sexual orientation, culture, tax bracket, and skin color. You are not so different than the person bagging your groceries, you are not so different than the person signing your checks, you are no different than someone doing what they think is right in order to make the world remember that everyone has a right to live freely and without fear, unjust harm or incarceration. When you cut through all the underlying nonsense and excess emotion of the human condition; we all want the same things! 

The system has been broken for a long time. Corrupt media and political establishments want us segregated. Every day we are being manipulated one way or another. This is obviously a time of extremes. REALLY think before you act, especially now.

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