1. Winter Sunrise

From the recording Path to Transcendence

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Winter Sunrise

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Vocals - Anthony "Q" Quiles
Guitars - Pat Reilly
Bass - Pat Reilly
Drums - Michael Marrone
Song Writing, Production, Mixing, Mastering - Pat Reilly


Winter Sunrise ( Anthony Q Quiles )

Everything’s all gone red

Voices inside my head

Cover your eyes don’t look

Fallen to rise up

Broken to repair

Barren to fruitful

Unsuited to useful

Like the rainfall in the desert

Like the sunrise in the winter

Father save me

Mother hold me

Brother find me

Sister free me

Everything’s gone red

Voices in my head

Like the rainfall

Father (father!) save me (save me!)

Mother (mother!) hold me (hold me!)

Brother (brother!) find me (find me!)