Fellahin Fall Debut Album Tar a-Kan Out Now!

You know I'm not just a solo artist, right?  

No, I am not just a solo artist.  I do plenty of session work and also partake in other musical groups.  One thing though, I only involve myself with bands that in my eyes have amazing music, music that really impacts the listener.  I have to LOVE the music, I don't just do this for fun; music is my life, my passion, my legacy!  So why am I ranting on about this? 


Fellahin Fall

Fellahin Fall is one of those special projects.  A group with music so impactful, it guides the listener to a place outside of themselves.  We have just released our debut album titled Tar a-Kan and I highly recommend you give the album a listen.  Check out some resources below.

Dead Rhetoric gives Tar a-Kan 9.5

Metal Injection Gives Praise

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