The Road Ahead, The Road Behind

Being a bit of a loner, I don't often take the opportunity to vent or share my thoughts. Lately I have been going through moments of feeling completely lost, sometimes even helpless as I continue to traverse this life as a creator. 

2018 was an amazing year for me. I spent nearly 3 months on the road, playing Carnegie Hall and meeting countless amazing people throughout Europe, Canada and the United States. Many of the relationships that were born on the road will surely last a lifetime. I look back on 2018, and I have nothing but smiles and gratitude. 

2019 is still being written, but has been filled with so many highs and lows, its been absolutely crazy. I played at Winter Namm with Tengger Cavalry, successfully funded my first full length album through kickstarter receiving over $5k from 115 backers and recorded 3 awesome music videos, one which is for a new project that I am excited to reveal soon! 

These tremendous highs have been shadowed by tremendous lows. Nature Ganganbaigal, our band leader, a person that I shared many life milestones with, died this past June. My aunt passed away just 1 week before that. Tengger Cavalry was set to tour for at least 2 months at the end of this year. Obviously this isn't happening anymore which only extends the feeling of loss and sadness. 

I still have my mission and my purpose; create and perform. I continue to work on my album Path to Transcendence and hope to be on the road again soon. Touring makes me feel like i'm living my purpose. Sitting in a studio recording music is great, but nothing makes it worth it more than bringing it to a live audience. This is where I thrive, this is where I belong.

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